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The Well-Tuned Piano in The Magenta Lights DVD
The Well-Tuned Piano in The Magenta Lights DVD

La Monte Young�s greatest masterpiece The Well-Tuned Piano is back  
MELA Foundation and Just Dreams recordings are rereleasing a new deluxe DVD edition of The Well-Tuned Piano in The Magenta Lights.  

Young�s continuous 6 hour-24 minute performance of his masterpiece is now back in print for the first time since 2001. We are happy to announce that this edition contains a 52-page booklet, which includes La Monte and Marian�s essays on their works and a major essay by their senior disciple Jung Hee Choi. For the first time in these notes, Jung Hee is laying out the tuning for all to understand the underlying workings of this masterpiece.  

Signed by La Monte and Marian $307.00


"The Well-Tuned Piano � for its influence, its formal originality, its fluid improvisational style, its lengthy gestation, and its monumental ambitions � may well be the most important piano music composed by an American since the Concord Sonata." � Kyle Gann, CHICAGO READER 7/17/87  

"The Well-Tuned Piano is a work of tremendous vision; those who are willing to give it the time and effort it takes will find it one of the great monuments of modern culture." � Mark Swed, L.A. HERALD EXAMINER 6/28/87  

"The Well-Tuned Piano is the product of a lifelong enthusiasm for both Eastern mystical traditions and investigations of acoustics, natural harmonics and human pitch perception undertaken by 20th-century science. ... His resonantly retuned piano hummed and roared and seemed to sing; listeners of an earlier time would undoubtedly have believed they were hearing the Music of the Spheres made manifest." � Robert Palmer, THE NEW YORK TIMES 4/23/87